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Apple vinegar and weight loss

Apple vinegar and weight loss.
Have you heard that the apple vinegar will help you to lose weight? 

     The only research for testing of the idea for people was made in Japan. During the study 175 obese, but healthy people took daily mixture of water and vinegar for L2 weeks and. their diets were similar. In the end of the research the people who took the vinegar lost some of their body weight. As a whole the group lost 1-3 kg for 3 month period.

The scientists presume that the vinegar could activate some genes' participating in the process of decomposition of fats.

     Many people use the apple vinegar as a natural remedy or for prevention of many conditions" It plays a significant role in the diet and weight loss process - scientific studies show that the apple vinegar could help you to lose weight. The vinegar is one of the substances directed entirely to the problem, which gives long- term results. We will help you to understand how the apple vinegar helps and how to use it in your daily diet for optimal results. 

1. The apple vinegar helps to suppress the appetite.

     It makes you eat less, as gives you the sense of satiation. A study, published ifl European Journa-l of Clinical Nutrition proves this statement. It shows that the people who took bread and vinegar felt more satiated than their colleagures, who didn't take vinegar.

2. The apple vinegar controls the blood sugar levels.
     The apple vinegar prevents non-controliable blood sugar peaks and catastrophes . When the blood sugar levels are norma.l it is easier to keep your diet and eat only when your body needs. The above d.escribed study shows that people who took vinegar had much lower blood sugar levels after eating, than the people who didn't take vinegar. Those who took higher doses of vinegar felt the effect even longer- up to 90 minutes after eating.

3. The apple vinegar prevents the accumulation of fats.

 The vinegar stimulates the metabolism and makes you burn fat more easily. It contains a lot of organic acids and enzymes, which increase your metabolism and stimulates the body to burn fat faster. 

4. The apple vinegar affects the secretion of insulin.
     The insulin relates to fat storage. This hormone is closely connected to the blood sugar levels and abnormal secretion is observed in the people who suffer from Diabetes Type 2. Scientist presume that the apple vinegar could have the similar effect on some medications for Diabetes and potentially could be used to control the disease. If you suffer from Diabetes Type 2, please make sure that you can consummate these foods and flavorings. 

5. The apple vinegar helps for the detoxification of the organism. 

    When the body loses toxins, all processes become more efficient (including digestion and metabolism). The apple vinegar purifies the organism and helps it use the nutrients as effectively as possible. The vinegar contains high levels of fibers which normaJize bowel movements and absorb the toxins.

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